List of Investment opportunities of IRAN

:: Agriculture and Processing Industries
 Agricultural and Orchard Products
 Botanical Tourism Garden Of Isfahan
 Construction of Dairy Cow Breeding Unit with a capacity of 1,000 cows
 Construction of prolific Sheep Breeding Unit with a capacity of 2000 Sheep
 Development of broiler breeder In Bastak
 Drying fruits and packaging medicinal plants
 Establishing a green-house in Jolfa
 Extracting Tannin from Oak
 fishing for tuna Prsaynr Supply vessels
 Fruit and vegetable export terminal
 Industrial Production yellow card for catching insects
 Industrial saultery for light & heavy- Tabriz
 Mechanized Fish Farming
 Olive Production
 Packaging and horticultural crops
 pomegranate and figs
 Producing Fruit Salad and Pure
 Producing Micronutrient and Biological Fertilizers
 Production of seedling with tissue culture method
 Rearing marine in Cage- Karoon
 Scaffold grown tomatoes with sea water
 sugar liquid from the date
 Supplying Long Liner vessel
 Supplying Poshtibanvessels
 Trout Processing (Cutting & Packing)
:: Energy
 1.2 MW Solar Power Plant
 5 MW photovoltaic (PV) Power plant
 10 MW photovoltaic (PV) Power plant
 15 MW Gas Engine Power Plant (with CHP)
 25 MW AzadeganPower Plant
 25 MW Gas Engine Power plant (without CHP)
 25 MW Gas turbine Power Plant (with CHP)
 100MW Wind Farm in Khaf
 Bastak10 MW Wind Power Plant
 Build, Operation & Transfer of Lenge& Kong Wastewater Collection system & Wastewater Treatment plant with a capacity of 8500 m3d
 Build, Operation & Transfer ofWWTP of MehrHousing of Prophet Town in Bandar Abas City (BOT)
 Building a Small-Scale 25-MW Generator
 Cogeneration Power Plant
 combined cycle Power plant
 Construction of Sewer Project in Dargahan City-buyback method
 Construction of solar panel production unit
 Installation of Silicon Solar Panel Production Line from Quartz(SiO2) Raw Material
 Mahtab Gostar 25MW Power Plant
 Milnader 100MW wind farm
 Nema Gas Fired Power Plant
 Qeshm5 MW Wind Power plant
 Rehabilitation of the electrical distribution network structure for reducing the electrical losses in PARSIAN city
 Rehabilitation of the electrical distribution network structure for reducing the electrical losses in BANDAR ABBAS city, NAIBAND JONOOBI area
:: Tourism
 5 star hotel with conference halls and restaurants and commercial areas
 Amand Dam Tourism Complex (a 5-star Hotel & a Water Park)
 Area of tourism Larak
 Area of Tourism Syed Sultan Muhammad
 Bazaar and Craft Fair Minab
 Choghakhor Resort
 Commercial-official complex building in Ghaem square
 Constructing and equipping facilities - Reception(babolsar Farhangmehr)
 Construction and equipping of Mehdipour three-star hotel
 Establishing a trade, entertainment and residential complex in Bandar abbas
 Establishing Byroad Welfare-Service Complexes
 Farhangh Shahr Shiraz
 Fun restaurant navy vessels
 Gavazang Telecabine and Recreation Complex
 Great Prophet Hotel
 Hasti Health Tourism Village
 Heylag hotel (mr.abdolhossein manavi- amol)
 Homa Kids Complex
 Hotel Rasan
 Hotel-Great Prophet Complex
 Integrated Services and Welfare (Mr.torabi nejad-tonekabon)
 Integrated Services and Welfare Gholipour
 International 5 Star Lotus Hotel
 Melal Five Star Hotel
 Recreation and sport center Mehrgah Mr. Mashhdban
 Recreation and tourism complex Shamsi Ghaderi
 Residential complexes and abdarmany Syahkesh
 Saman Resort
 SibLand Recreational Facility
 The construction of Gavazang tourist complex
 The Entertainment City
 Tourism Area of Hamamlou in Varzeghan (Tourism Village)
 Tourist sample area KhvrazynyMinab
:: Industry and Mines
 Alumina production from Navid Group_s Bauxite mine
 Brick production unit
 Building of easy opening metal can production unit
 Calcium Nano carbonate
 Colorful Aluminum Sheet Production in ghaemshahr
 Company to produce all kinds of automotive wire V4
 Company to produce all kinds of automotive wire
 Construction of blood samples under vacuum tubes V4
 Construction of glass fiber production unit
 Construction of Particleboard Production Unit
 Construction of Silicon Metal Production Unit
 Construction of spinning and dyeing unit for cotton and mixed yarn
 Cotton System Textile, Synthetic fiber and Jumbo bag production
 Essential Amino Acids Production Plant
 Establishment of Cement Factory
 Establishment of Cement Factory-Khorram Abad
 Expansion and completion of micronized, quick and hydrated lime production unit
 Expansion and Modernization of Open-End yarn and cloth-weaving Unit
 Ferrovanadium Extraction and Production Unit from Titano menitit Sari
 Fishing Tools
 Galvanized Sheets Production
 Glass Reinforced Pipe production
 herbal refinery
 Glass Reinforced Pipe productionIndustrial , Medical, and Nutritional Starch Manufacture in babolkenar
 Industrial Steel Valves and Pipe production
 Installation of Rolling line and Manufacture of Alloy steel belt, Rebar and Wire
 Light Expanded Clay Aggregate_leca.rar
 Long Life LED Lamps Production
 Marine electrode
 Multilayer Film
 New fisheries foods produce
 Nickel extraction processing
 North Steel Bar Production Unit Mahmoud Abad
 passanger ship with 60 capacity
 passangership with 120 capacity
 Produce all kinds Herbal creams
 Producing Alloyed Steel
 Producing alumina from nephelyne cynite
 Producing MDF Sheet with PVC High Gloss Coating (VENEER)
 Product the kind of LED Lamps & Solar system
 Production of Composite Supplies
 Production of Kitchen Knife and Industrial Blades
 Refrigerated containers and Shelter
 seamless pipe
 Sodium Carbonate
 Spinning and dyeing of woollen yarn for handicraft carpet production
 Steel bar
 The production of concrete and ready made concrete
 Trout Processing (Cutting & Packing)
 Zanjan Bahman Iron
:: Infrastructure
 Amirabad port
 Anzali port
 Bandar Abbas-Kerman freeway
 Boushehr Free Way
 Completion of Darab wastewater collection network by buyback method
 Completion of Fasa wastewater collection network by buyback method
 Completion of Jahromwastewater collection network by buyback method
 Completion of Marvdashtwastewater collection network by buyback method
 Desalination & Transmission of water from Oman Sea to Hormozgan & Kerman Provinces
 Electricity generating power plants
 Noshahr port
 Sanitary Collecting and Removing Sewage of Villages Located
 shahid rajaee port
 Tabriz Subway 3rd line
 The construction of Germi River Dam
 The implementation of Marazad Hydroelectric plant
 The implementation of Shahryar Hydroelectric plant
 Wastewater of Hashrood hashtrood
 Water supply to Marand
 Water Transfer from Peyqam-Chay Dam to Kaleybar Sub-province
 Water Transferring to Bostan-Abad Sub-province
:: Oil, Gas & Petrochemical
 Construction of reservoirs of oil products
 Mokran Ab Niroo
 Narkangan Gas To Liquid International Co
 Olefin, Butadiene, Benzene Extraction And HDA Plant
 Sabz Dasht sarvestan
 Sabz Dasht Sarvestan Petrochemical
 Sahar Oil Refinery
 The construction of food , oil supply complex and ship repairs
 The Rafsanjan petrochemical
:: Privatization Opportunities
 Privatization Opportunities
:: Railway
:: Small and medium
 automatic Joists welding and high-tech production in the construction industry
 Capacity increase and set up of new package production line
 Development of automotive parts Pressing Unit and set Chairs mechanisms
 Pooshesh Felez Zagros Company
 Producing Medical Gloves
 Producing the elevator cabin, door and electrical metal body
 Production of absorption panels and solar water heater
 production of jeans
 Summary of 27 Companies
:: Urban Civilization
 Commercial-Official Complex Ghaem
 Ehsan Station Complex
 Establishing a Gasoline Station in Bandar abbas airport
 Establishing a logistic terminal in Bandar abbas airport
 Establishing chain store
 Establishing Heavy Technical Inspection Centers
 Keshavarz Administrative-Commercial Complex Project
 Mirzaye shirazi Station Complex
 Pardis Tejarat Tower _Tehran Trade Center
 Residential- Cultural-Sport-Commercial- Sohrab Sepehri
 Shiraz Investment Opportunities Contact Person
 VADEH Integrated service and welfare of the road
:: Health
 Construction of blood samples under vacuum tubes
 Construction of unit of anti-cancer pills production
 Establishment of 400 bed hospital of Shahre-kord
 Health City -Shiraz
 Health Village Establishment
 Talc Processing (With Medical Purpose)